1. Short-term lease under 3 months, Tenant will be requested pay half a month rental deposit and for long-term lease Tenant, one month rental deposit is required.

The Tenant shall pay the Rental fully in advance each month failing which the landlord reserves the right to request for evacuation. Should the Tenant failed to show up without notice on the stipulated date of Check-in as per the Tenancy Agreement, the landlord reserves the right to rent out the said premises and withhold any deposit paid. 
2. The Tenant shall keep the interior of the premises in good and clean condition, all furniture, furnishings and other items set out in the Inventory List  (fair wear & tear excepted) and shall not remove any of the Contents from the Premises and and shall make good any loss and damage caused to the landlord.
3. The Tenant shall use the Premises for no other purpose except as a private residence and not to use premises for any other purpose without the prior consent in writing of the landlord.
4. The Tenant acknowledges and understands that he shall have exclusive possession of the premises except that the Landlord or its duly authorized agents, may enter the Premises in case of emergency or cleaning services.
5. Upon expiry of the Tenancy, the Tenant  shall remove from the Premises all the items and belongings and properties belonging to the Tenant failing which, the landlord shall have the right to dispose of all the items left behind and the Tenant shall have no claim(s) against the Landlord in respect of those items.
6. This Tenancy Agreement shall be construed and take effect according to the laws of Hong Kong S.A.R.