1. What is included in the room?
All Furniture and fixtures
Single or double bed, linens, blankets and pillows
TV and wireless broadband
Private telephone line
Cooker, mini fridge, microwave, boiler, hairdryer, iron and ironing board
Air conditioning
Private bathroom and water heater
2. What are the services provided and included in the rental?
We provide 2 type of suite pricing models:
A. Net Rent - refers to the net price of the monthly rent. In addition to the rent, the tenant is responsible for paying the electricity bill according to the electricity meter and a fixed water fee per month. The Net Rent amount is comparatively affordable.
B. Serviced Rate - refers to to the monthly rent at a fixed price, that we provide housekeeping service once every week and weekly linen change. Water and electricity are provided free of charge. The Serviced Rate is a bit different (HK$1-2K per month) from Net Rent. The Housekeeping service once every week and weekly linen change. Water and electricity are provided free of charge. Laundry / Ironing services can be provided on request but with additional charges.
3. Is short term leasing possible?
We welcome short term residents (less than a year) as well as long term residents.
4. Are the apartments conveniently located and easily accessible from public transportation?
All our apartment are located within 3 min walk to either Causeway Bay MTR station or Tin Hau MTR station (one station away from Causeway Bay).
5. Which type of suites should I choose?
We have two different style of Suites available for your selection.
If you prefer a more chic and fuss free suite or looking for a slightly budgeted stay. We hope that you will find the Contemporary styled Suites to your liking.

If you are looking for a more comfortable stay in a boutique hotel room yet cozy and homey environment, we hope you will find the Relaxed styled Suites to your liking.
6. Are the rooms well ventilate and with windows?
Yes, we try to make our apartments as well ventilated as possible and you can choose the type of suites that you like.
7. Is cooking allowed in the rooms?
We provide cookers and microwave in some rooms and simple cooking is definitely not an issue.
8. Can the lease be extended?
The lease can be extended, please give us a two week notice so we can make the necessary arrangements.
9. What happens if there are problems with the room's amenities during my stay?
We have dedicated technician which we will try to arrange to fix whatever problem should there be within 2-3 day notice. Of course we have regular maintenance of our facilities to minimize chances of problems occurring.
10. When do I get back my refund of deposit after my lease ends?
We will return the refund to you 7-30 days normally, but we could arrange the same day as when you check out once we complete the checkout procedures if the tenant is urgently leave Hong Kong.
(Though please do note that if there are severe damage to our facilities which requires replacements, the cost will be deducted from the refund.)